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Having a great logo design and website design is the beginning. Take the next step by optimizing your SEO and developing a cohesive social media strategy that brings customers to your website. Writing for a website and writing for people are two very different animals.  If you write your website text for people the search engines are not likely to find you.  However, if you write for spiders, those algorithms that the browsers send  out to find content, then people will find you.

Spiders don’t care about you or your company. They don’t care if your product or service  has the Good Housekeeping Seat of Approval. They care about one thing and one thing only. 

Spider Food.

Spider food is keywords, links, alt attributes, text length and much more, including a social media strategy that is consistent across the Internet. To attract spiders to your content you need all of the ingredients that make up a spider meal. Having only one ingredient is a mere snack to a spider and they will pass up a snack in favor of a full meal every time.

If you leave food on the counter you might attract ants, but if you sprinkle lots of spider food around the web you will attract people.

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Logo Design

Whether you choose a symbol logo or a wordmark logo, or both, we create custom logos to convey the vision and direction of your company

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Web Design

Web design for real businesses. Clean designs that convey your brand and get your product or service noticed. Your website should work for you.

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So much more than just a business card. It is every piece of collateral material, your social media, your website, and perhaps your vehicle.

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SEO & Soc. Media

Spider food is keywords, links, alt attributes, text length and much more, including a social media strategy that is consistent across the Internet.

Your Logo Design Conveys Your Vision and Your Values

Your logo is the workhorse of your brand. Everything your company stands for is conveyed in that one symbol or wordmark. We take your vision and transform it into an elegant business solution. Logo design should be deceptively simple. It should reflect your vision and values for your company and be legible at small sizes, in color as well as in black and white, and gray scale. Whether you want just a symbol or a symbol with a wordmark our job is to make you look good.

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I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator located in the Phoenix area working in both digital and traditional media. I transform information into visual inspiration. I create illustrations, graphic design, and web design for small businesses and startups that get you noticed. As a freelancer I get to work on the projects I love and because my hours are flexible, when inspiration strikes at 3am I get to work while inspiration is fresh.

Design for me grows out of curiosity. Through research I gain information that is the fuel for the evolution of my designs. My design style may change depending on each project’s needs and parameters, its use, and users, but, my design philosophy is to have fun and inspire.

Originally from Seattle, I now live in Phoenix, AZ with my little dog, Johnnie, where there are infinitely more bright sunny days than grey rainy ones. I am not afraid to admit that I like Twinkies.

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