design philosophy joy bezanis avatarJoy Bezanis Design’s design philosophy is deceptively simple. Good design is essential to your business. With good design, you will drive more visitors to your website, attract more customers with your ads, and increase your sales. As a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, I work in both digital and traditional media to create illustrations, graphic design, and web design for small to medium size businesses and startups. My design philosophy starts with getting to know my clients. It reflects their mission, vision and target demographics.

After 30 plus years working for attorneys in Seattle, I decided to turn my life upside down and move to Arizona. It was a difficult decision made easier by arthritis and the damp gray Seattle weather. 

For about 15 years prior to leaving Seattle I was involved with the art community.  I served on the board of a local arts council, sat on a festival committee, and curated art shows for artists in alternative art spaces.

About 5 years prior to leaving I was asked to paint a theater set for a friend.  Painting big can be daunting, but I was inspired by the challenge.  After that first show other directors and producers sought me out to design and paint their sets. My ah-ha moment came during a solo night in the scene shop while painting a PVC pipe to look like a wooden pole.  I said right out loud “I am so happy”. 

When I arrived in Arizona I knew my future involved art in a bigger and more meaningful way. I researched local arts programs and settled on The Art Institute of Phoenix where I ultimately received a degree in Graphic and Web Design with a focus on illustration. 

Working freelance has worked well for me. Having recently (relatively) graduated I am up to date on the latest programs and procedures in the design field. I use the Adobe Suite of products primarily using Illustrator and Photoshop.

As an aside – I love icon design. Staying up to date on the fun stuff inspires me and gives me a fresh perspective on all my other design projects.  That’s why I chose this profession. I have fun at work all day long.