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Studio 229 logo
Audacious logo
Red Mountain logo
cooking with toloa logo
Character Logo Design

The client requested a character logo design for her planned catering business. The character needed to look somewhat like Toloa but not exactly like him. She specifically wanted a chef hat and coat. When researching other food related character logos almost all had mustaches. Since Toloa does not have a mustache we decided to make his glasses a little more prominent. So instead of see through glass we added a reflection. We also lowered his jaw line a little to indicate and older gentleman. The name is still uncertain but I am personally hoping it changes to a stronger and simpler Chef Toloa

Flyer and Social Media Marketing

WildeP'lay is a local band with an upcoming concert on April 25, 2020 at Dayspring Church. They needed a new logo, which their current graphic designer was able to provide for them. They asked me to create a flyer for them, and to create images to post on social media. I was able to create a flyer and use the information from the flyer to re-imagine images to fit specific social media sizes.

Video Production & Editing

Videos are powerful conversion tools and can increase conversions by as much as 80%. The client wanted a legacy video for her website. By providing interesting information and good production quality her video will build trust with potential buyers. More and more people are flocking to videos. They can show a solution to a problem (such as your product or service), are concise, can be uploaded to video sites like Youtube, and can be embedded into your website or featured on single landing pages.

Logo and Web Design

The client wanted a signature logo that she could emboss on her photographs and other collateral material. Because of her spiritual connection with nature I thought of calligraphy and its intent to connect its practitioners with their more spiritual natures. After penning her initials in Unical lettering and then altering them in Illustrator, I was able to strike just the right balance.  Then I paired her new calligraphy symbol with the clean lines of Roboto font. Susie’s website will be re-created. See the before website by clicking on her logo. Stay tune for major changes in 2020.

Logo and Poster Design

This is a Phoenix based festival in its 3rd year. However, for the first year my goal was to ground it in the geography of Phoenix. What says Phoenix based film festival better than a cactus created out of film?

Logo and Web Design

Paying tribute to the owner’s native american heritage I incorporated native symbols for health and healing for this allergy friendly bakery. The logo is also a reflection of the gentleness, and desire to bless all who are allergy challenged with her baked goods.

As an illustrator, I couldn’t but help creating cooking utensils illustrations as section separators for the website. Click on the logo to view them for yourself.

Logo and Web Design

The owner, Lacey, is a fun loving, gentle, and kind person who loves to make other women feel beautiful.  After researching all the other lash extension logos and wanting her logo to be different and memorable I settled on a dye cut design and made it bright pink to reflect her bubbly personality.

Logo and Web Design

This is another hand drawn symbol. One of the owners is from Morocco so I wanted to pay homage to his heritage.

Logo and Web Design

This hair salon on Capitol Hill in Seattle had a logo symbol that resembled a red guitar pick behind the wordmark giving the impression that Studio 229 was a music studio.  Since the owner, DeAnna, is a master hair stylist and I rarely see her without a pair of scissors in her hand I knew I had to try to incorporate a pair here. Now there is no mistake about the services Studio 229 provides.

Logo Design

Here’s a logo where the name says nothing at all about what the company does.  Since this was a company that does embroidery I made an open contour drawing and threaded the tail through a needle which stands in for the letter L.

my apple pie designs logo design web design branding joy bezanis
Logo Design

This was a fun project. The goal was to create a logo rooted in the 70’s for today’s baby boomers. It was created with the idea that a neon sign would be made out of it and installed on a restaurant.

Logo and Branding

Project specs called for creating a logo for a canibis company and updating the iconic leaf design to meet today’s more sophisticated medical user’s sensibilities. Sinsemilla means “without seeds” in Spanish.

Audacious logo
Logo Design

The Audacious Advertising Agency logo called for something a bit abstract.  Note how the A can be construed as either a small a or a capitol A.

Logo Design

The project specifications called for a masculine logo with an outline of Red Mountain superimposed over the wordmark. I convinced the client to go with this version. Clean, masculine and placing Red over Mountain mimicking the shape of Red Mountain did the trick.

Logo Design and Sticker Design

This hand drawn logo was created for a company that designs stickers to commemorate hikes at different local trails in and near Phoenix. The symbol projects strength and stability.