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Graphic Design

Graphic Design and More is about integrating your entire print and online presence to be consistent and cohesive so that your business gets found in a web search. Good design is essential to your business. With good design, you will drive more visitors to your website, attract more customers, and increase sales.

Logo Design

graphic design logo design joy bezanis

From an initial thumbnail sketch to an elegant business solution; I make logos memorable so that your business stands out in a sea of competitors. In the logo design at the right I was charged with creating a logo where the client already had an established name. The client had an embroidery business and it was not reflected in the name so I was challenged to marry her existing business name with her business services. Now her logo and the name of her company present a cohesive message.


graphic design product branding joy bezanis

Most small businesses struggle to talk about their brand. We have a process to help clarify their brand message so their company can grow.  What’s a logo without the tools to implement it?  Branding manuals are essential to keep your staff, advertisers, and printers on track when using your brand. It has everything you need to know about how you should and should not use your logo, fonts, and colors. Give your branding manual to advertisers, printers, and anyone else who creates collateral material for you to keep your brand on track. Whether you want to put it on advertising material or create giveaways for your clients, consistent use of your brand is essential.

Web Design

graphic design web design joy bezanis

Businesses need a website so that they can be found on the Internet. This is where potential customers find out who you are and what your values are. I like keeping it clean and simple, much like my logo design to make it easier to navigate from page to page. Use your social media to draw potential customers to your website where they can learn more about you and your products, and calendar appointments or purchase merchandise.



Branded Social Media Covers

Conquer video content to grow your businesses and increase organic reach.  Video content viewership is rising steadily becoming a must have on your website or on your Facebook business pages.  See sample video here.



Don’t know how to write content for your website.  Don’t worry, at Joy Bezanis Design we have professional copywriters versed in the art of SEO to do the heavy lifting for you.

Print Material

graphich design layout design joy bezanis

Business cards, letterhead, flyers, invitations, calling cards, brochures, tri-folds, and the list goes on. Let us help you stay on brand and look great doing it.

And More:

Search Engine Optimization

Writing Content for Algorithm Joy Bezanis Designs

SEO: How Feeding the Spiders Gets You Found on the Internet

Paid social media advertising is expensive and often confusing as to whether you are getting any return on your investment. Marketing to people may or may not hit your target audience. Feeding the spiders, however, will attract people to your website.

Spiders are Internet algorithms that search the web for content. They don’t care about you or your product or service or whether or not you have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Spiders care about one thing and one thing only: Spider Food.

And they are hungry. Only adding keywords to your text is like offering a snack. Snacks are low calorie, low fat, and low flavor, YAWN. Spiders will ignore a snack in favor of a casserole every time. A casserole is a whole menu of items, like keywords, positioning, transition phrases, links, and content length. Throw in the kitchen sink and you have a casserole that the spiders are sure to find.

Each time a spider finds your casserole you rank a bit higher. Ranking higher in a web search means more people will find your website, product and services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Branded Social Media CoversUse your social media to bring potential customers to your website to purchase products or make an appoint. Staying on brand is essential across every platform that you use. When creating social media posts keep your goal in mind, and that goal should be to capture email address to add to your database. The use of videos in social media is a must if you want to capture and retain viewers and convert them to customers.


Icon Design

When I am not working for clients I am creating icons just for the fun of it.  I love the challenge of the small format. Icons can spruce up and customize any medium. Being an illustrator comes natural to me and icons are in essence very small stripped down illustrations. Sometimes challenging and always fun they are a great way to make a point in pictures.



Sunshine Mary portrait

I work in Illustrator and with graphite, ink, and paint . Need a portrait of your CEO or your cat?  I can do both. Basically I can create work in just about any genre or style of painting, with the exception of abstract and landscapes, to meet your specific business needs.  I lean towards classic realism when doing portraiture and still life, and a more expressionist style otherwise.  Then, of course, I always retain the right to switch things up. 

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Follow the link below to our contact page and call, email, or text. I look forward to hearing from you. Graphic Design and More is about integrating all your SEO and Social Media presences into one cohesive marketing strategy so that you get found on the Internet. Getting found means that you reach more people and that means the potential for more customers.